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set to simmer


go weegee!

I updated the documentation to v0.9.4 last night. It’s a fairly substantial update compared to previous ones. Also, in the subtitle, I added the previously modified date, so that you can use that in determining what information has been modified by looking at the timeline on the right-hand side. Unfortunately, there’s no specific modification history, so all of this is mostly a moot point.

For the one person wondering about me versioning the documentation, there really is no imperative reason for me to do so other than to give people an idea of relative progression.

cooling down

I’m going to be entering a cool-down phase regarding this project. After a lot of work and thinking leading up to and it and the post-launch promoting, I think it’s time I take a step back — to regroup, recharge and evaluate. Also, in the coming weeks I need to get some things straight regarding going back to school so that I can transition smoothly into the Spring semester. And I’m probably going to restart a lonewolf video game project I put on hold for this one.

I’ll still be monitoring things, but not near as much as I have been. If activity/feedback picks up, then I’ll jump back into the thick of things. So continue sending e-mails, tweets and posts at the forums. I’ll be around.

Meanwhile, Weegee will be standing guard.


i has a upd8

Here’s a few tasks I’ve completed since last post besides the usual. It’s not much, actually:

  • Moved and merged things at the forums in the spirit of SIMPLIFICATION and LOGICAL ARRANGEMENT
  • Tweaked the project portal’s look and text
  • Changed my Twitter username from @gdensemble to @adeftroach for the sake of consistency and identity. Subsequently updated all links to the profile project-wide

As for an update on the networking/promoting front…

  • Twitter activity is picking up. It’s kind of growing on me. I feel compelled to share info and other stuff… (got a few on the way actually). My thanks to the recent folks I met at YoYo Games
  • Getting a steady stream of guests at the forums. Sadly, no posting or registering is going on. I figured someone would post something as a guest, if not just for the fact that they don’t have to register and they could probably post something spammy. (NOTE: I’d probably delete it, but you know)
  • Traffic on the documentation is still low. I remain curious what people think about it in general, like if I’m communicating my ideas clearly enough, if the info is arranged well, etc.

Once (or if) I start getting some kind of feedback going, I’ll probably be returning my focus back to the documentation. By definition, it’s an ongoing, fluid document — “living” some would say — but there are a few things that are definitely incomplete and need to be finished or fleshed out. Until then, I’ll just make minor updates every now and again.


Money spent on this project thus far= $0

Budget for the remainder of this quarter = $0

As you can see, I couldn’t afford blood to drip off “frugality” above. Broke^joke, ya know? Grassroots ninjas, where are you now?!

calling all (cyber)space cowboys

On this project’s forums, there’s a Bounties board. There, I post tasks related to The GDE that anyone can volunteer to complete.  Right now, the tasks are relatively painless and easy, and you don’t even have to register to complete them since guests can reply to topics. But I do encourage registration.

For starters, here are two bounties you could help out with: