a nearly half-radical update

Things have picked up a bit since the last post, but progress is still unsatisfactory. I won’t bore you with the details, because I have some other matters to address this time around (roughly in order of magnitude):

First off, I launched a portal site for The GDE project. Previously, I had just been linking and referring to the documentation as the main website for the project in various profiles and such around the Interwebs. Given the decentralized and varied nature of the project aspects, I slowly realized the documentation wasn’t exactly main site material. So I had a minor-minor epiphany to make a simple, flashy portal site that summarizes and links to each project aspect. Check it out.

With that massive announcement out of the way, it’s time to drill down some minor updates for each project aspect:

  • documentation version 0.9.3 released
    • modified the main menu to look better IMHO.
    • modified notes here and there; no need to get into the details.
  • forums
    • added a new skin — “soft green” — modified slightly. Let me know what you think about it.
    • added a new forum called Meta Discussion. There, we can discuss the various aspects of the project, specifically how to improve them.
  • presentation
    • same ol’, same ol’. But I’ve been thinking about updating it recently. Feedback on it is welcome (see sub-bullet item right above this one).
  • twitter
    • added an avatar. Something I made a while back. Do you know what it is (from)? Tweet me the answer. One free Internet for the first correct response.
  • this blog
    • added a “Message of the Now” widget. It’s to make simple announcements mostly pertaining to this blog in some dimension.
    • changed the theme. Don’t be surprised if you see the theme change a few times from now until whenever. I think this is the fourth one I’ve used since creating this blog.

That about covers it. In the near-term, it’s back to the promotion circuit. And I also plan on modifying, merging, and moving stuff on the forums shortly. Maybe my next update will truly be radical.

his radical level is above 9000

his radical level is above 9000


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